CNC Machining Services

Computer numerical machines (CNC) are used in the manufacturing industry. These machines have come to replace the traditional machines such as center lathe, routers, shapers, vertical millers e.t.c, which were manually operated by a technician. These devices can be chosen depending on the needs and the nature of project which is being worked on.

These machines have five axes which make the manufacturing process easier and effective. These axes include three linear axes and two rotary axes. These machines can be used in producing components with very complicated shapes as well as those products which require high precision. The products produced using these machines have a high accuracy.

Advantages of axes machining

Uses simple cutting tools

CNC machines allow the user to use short and simple cutting tools. This is made possible by lowering the cutter which can be oriented to the surface. Lowering the cutter is helpful in achieving a high cutting speed and reducing vibration of the machine.

Simple production process

The five axes make it easy to produce complex shapes using very simple steps. These axes are helpful in reducing the machining time, costs and errors. This enables the operator to enjoy affordable, accurate and faster results in his production project.

Saves time

A lot of time is saved when drilling holes using these machines. This is made possible by orienting the head of the machine along the right axes when drilling the holes. This makes the drilling process easier, and it can be completed very fast. A lot of time would be spent when drilling holes having different diameters.

Can handle complex parts

CNC machines can handle extremely complex shapes. Production of such shapes would be costly if they were produced by casting. The five axes can handle different type of raw material such as brass, titanium, tungsten, sterling silver, bronze, copper, stainless steel, and other types of alloys. Also, these tools can handle raw materials which are at high temperatures. Furthermore, these machines can also accommodate other materials such as plastics.

How do you choose the 5-axis machining services?

The machining services can be obtained from a factory which has been operational for a long time. You should choose a trustworthy and a reliable factory if you want to get the best experience. The experienced people provide the best machining services.

The other important factor that should be considered is affordability. The quality of the products manufactured should match the prices offered. The service charge is mainly determined by the quality of the raw material used.