Factors Considered When Buying A Photocopier

Every business establishment needs a photocopier. The first automated copier was introduced in 1959 by Xerox Company. Significant developments have taken place since then. The modern copiers are more advanced as they can combine laser printing, copying, faxing and scanning into a single machine. Both analog and digital copiers are available in the market.

The digital photocopiers are preferred by many companies since they are less noisy and have few mechanical problems. Besides, the digital machines can produce photographs and fine lines. The following are some of the tips that need to be considered when choosing the right copier for your office, home or business.


Each and every business has its printing needs. You should have an accurate idea of your business needs before buying a copier. How many pages do you expect to produce in a month? How often do you require the colored copies? You should go for a machine which offers great options and low prices per every click. The machine chosen should also be able to produce documents of high quality in the shortest time possible. The speed of a copier is very critical.

A multi-function device

Consider buying a machine which can perform different tasks. You should buy a machine which can print, scan and fax documents instead of buying multiple machines. A single machine is relatively cheaper as compared to the separate business machines. Such a machine is also helpful in saving space.


You should take into account of your current business expenditure. You should buy a copier which will help you in saving money and time. Such a machine will be great in making your office more versatile and productive. A versatile machine can serve the needs of your business more efficiently. It is, therefore, a good investment to buy a high-quality machine.


Proper research should be done when buying a copier. You should purchase a copier which has been manufactured by an experienced and a reputable company. A trusted company is always ready to offer maintenance and support services when they are needed. This is helpful in avoiding any inconveniences in case your machine happen to break down. The company should also offer cleaning, repair and technical support.


Different copiers are designed with different functions and features. These features play a great role in determining the cost of the machine. Some of the additional features that should be considered include energy efficiency, finishing capabilities, wireless connectivity, and security.