Types Of Computers And Their Uses

Computer technology has enabled people to process and store a lot of data. These devices have enabled people to execute tasks at very high speeds. Computers are used in transacting important operations with great precision and accuracy. The sizes of computers vary greatly. Some are very small like the laptops while others are as huge as a building. There are four classes of computers. These are the super computers, mini computers, microcomputers and the mainframe computers.


These are powerful computers when it comes to data processing and performances. These are specialized computers which are mainly used or utilized by the large companies or organizations. You can find these computers in exploration and research centers. For instance, they are used by NASA for launching their space shuttle as well as controlling them. Also, they are used for space exploration. The supercomputers are very large and size and very expensive. Some of them can fit entirely in air-conditioned rooms while some can occupy an entire building.

Uses of supercomputers

Earthquakes studies

These computers are used in studying geographical phenomenon such as earthquakes. Additionally, they ate also used in the exploration of natural resources such as coal, natural gas, and petroleum.

Weather forecasting

These supercomputers are widely used in weather forecasting. They are used for studying the nature and magnitudes or rainfalls, hurricanes and windstorms.

In the military

They are used by the military when they are testing the nuclear weapons. They are also used for running simulations for testing the impact, range, and accuracy of the nuclear weapons.


These include the laptops, desktops, personal digital assistant, smartphones, and tablets. They are the fastest growing and commonly used computers. Additionally, microcomputers are the cheapest computers. These computers are designed for specific used such as education, entertainment, and work purposes. Some of the renowned manufacturers of these computers are Apple, Dell, Toshiba, Sony, and Samsung.

Mainframe computer

This computer is not powerful but is quite expensive. It is widely used in most of the government organizations and large firms in running their operations. These computers can large, but they can be accommodated in air conditioned rooms. They are among the fastest computer. Also, they have a large storage capacity for data. They are widely used in the banks and insurance companies for storing the customer’s data.

Mini computers

These are machines which are widely used in small businesses and firms. They are also referred to as ‘Midrange computers.’ Some of the popular mini-computers include the SDS-92 K-202, IBM Midrange Computers, and the Texas Instrument TI-990. These computers are designed for department or organizations for specific uses. For instance, they are used for monitoring the production processes in factories or in the industries.